Friday, December 9, 2016

Embracing Minimalism, a community journey

Over the past 4 years I've had an increasing interest in minimalism. My excitement to learn more and read about others' experiences has left a digital crumb trail behind me as I've reposted articles, shared quotes, and reflected in online forums as my own personal journal. I did not set out to start a revolution, just document for my own sake of reference. Well in that documentation process, I gained some interest from friends and what moved from "likes" on my FB posts, grew to interactive comments and questions, then direct emails to ask me for direction on simplifying and in person conversations with folks I didn't even know were paying attention! 

My friend Mel planted an idea with me this fall that perhaps I have a minimalism prowess to share and that others would be interested in hearing my experiences and thoughts. So I've been chewing on that idea for a bit on what kind of platform I could share about living simply. There is a huge part of me that has been reluctant because of self-doubt. I look at my home and think not all of my spaces are photo worthy of a minimalist-how-to. And I wonder, do I actually have anything of greater value to share than what is already out there? But what I do have are friends that trust and know me, and so maybe serving as a curator of all the minimalism tips and resources out there can be valuable. And what I also strive to be great at is authenticity. So maybe sharing some real life pics helps to emphasize what I truly believe, that minimalism is a unique journey and looks different for everyone. 

So if you want to join me on a new year adventure, I will be gathering a cohort of friends to communicate with for the month of January 2017. I will email you every 2-3 days and share stories, encouragement, tips and resources on creating your own minimalism- which could be decluttering your stuff, your schedule, or your mind. What I know to be true about minimalism is that it is counter-cultural and therefore best lived in the support of community. If you want to be part of that community in January, send me a note, email, comment, post, direct message, etc! 

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  1. I am so excited about this! I've been watching from afar (on Facebook) for all this time, and I'm looking forward to learning more from the master!