Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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It was a 6 week undertaking of labor, mostly performed by our contractor and his plumber. I posted on social media to tag the daily changing look of our upstairs main bathroom as work was accomplished. What I realized more than half way through is that I should have been tagging it #bathroomrenovation not remodel, because we went down to the studs replacing the subfloor and leveling out floor joists. This was not just a wallpaper removal and painting job! I wanted to chart the start to finish here to document the process:

Pre-December 19th BEFORE

December 19th - Day 1
December 20th- Day 2

December 21st- Day 3

December 22nd- Day 4

December 23rd- Day 5

January 3rd- Day 11 (holiday break and work while we were out)

January 4th- Day 12

January 5th- Day 13

January 6th- Day 14

January 9th- Day 15

January 10th- Day 16

January 11th- Day 17
January 12th- Day 18

January 16th- Day 19

January 17th pre-painting- Day 20

January 17th post-painting- Day 20

January 18th- Day 21
January 19th- Day 22

January 20th- Day 23

January 23rd- Day 24

January 24th- Day 25

January 27th- Day 28
February 1st- Day 29
One more look at that before...
Pre-December 19th BEFORE
When the weather warms up outdoors again, our contractor will be back to remove the storm window from the enclosed shower wall and work on the outside siding so it is weather resistant. When that happens we will no longer have the mid-line in the shower window and that will be the final contractor-related work for this bathroom! We are still deciding on bathroom rugs/floor mats and where we should place the toilet paper holder and towel bar, but we have time to live into those decisions. The space we have recaptured by redesigning the placement of our bath pieces has been amazing. The shift from a 360 degree shower curtain to a traditional curtain with tiled wall has been fantastic! I am so grateful we cheated the shower head up higher and the curtain rod out wider- I no longer feel like a giant taking a shower in here. Having all four of us in this space at once happens daily- it was worth making the investment to a more user friendly space that doesn't require us to use a wrench whilst turning on the shower faucet, nor have a leaking toilet into our kitchen below!

And for anyone local to the Greater Lafayette Indiana area, I highly recommend Miller Construction. Loren was fantastic to communicate with and share space alongside for 6 weeks. Thank you!

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