Monday, March 27, 2017

Simple Pursuit

Earlier this winter, I posted a question on social media asking my friends if they would be interested in learning more about minimalism if I organized some communications with resources and kicked it off in the new year. I wrote about it on the blog too here. I was thinking if there were at least a handful (6-8?) of my friends interested, it would be something that I could do and enjoy. Well 30+ friends commented about their enthusiastic interest and that was certainly enough to grow my excitement.

In January, 27 friends joined me for a 6 week conversation learning about minimalism and taking on challenges to declutter their homes and reflect on their values. I was so excited to see the breadth of friends and former colleagues and peers that participated from Oregon, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia and Indiana (time for my CA peeps to join next!). What began as an idea to share resources that have helped me to savor what I have in life, really shaped into a rhythm, similar to my writing curriculum. Based on feedback that participants were sharing with me about their learning and questions, I directed our emails into a 6 week course.

After the overwhelmingly positive feedback from my initial post, I thought I better get myself organized in case this grows quicker than I am envisioning. So I reflected on a name to label the emails with, and drafted a logo. I didn't think much of it, until a local friend participating talked to me in person and started referencing "the simple pursuit emails" and "the simple pursuit challenge last week." So then I created a gmail account.

For me, the pursuit of simple is to embrace that which is most important and basic. When we remove the busyness and life clutter, then we have room to savor those most important and basic values. Savor is a favorite word in our house!

My January cohort was made up of folks who had heard of minimalism but had not tried it, as well as those who were practicing minimalism habits already. I solicited their evaluation after our 6 weeks and was able to build on their insights for the direction of what future communications could look like, expanding beyond the twice weekly emails to also include webchat offerings. We had been using a secret Facebook group to post updates and dialogue through the 6 week process, and one adjustment I am making there is to let that serve as the graduation gift to those who learn the basics in Simple Pursuit, and want to keep trekking! So here is the rundown I have shared with those who are inquiring, feel free to pass along!

What is Simple Pursuit?
A 6 week online journey for those who are interested in the pursuit of simple. The principles of minimalism will be shared for you to reflect upon and determine what pieces you want to integrate. It is an investment in yourself to evaluate what you are prioritizing and how you can remove that which is not important from being a distraction.

In return for your investment you will receive:
6 weeks of resources to introduce or enhance your knowledge of minimalism
Twice-weekly emails with reflection homework and action items
A one hour group webchat half way through to ask questions and hear ideas from others
An optional 1:1 webchat time scheduled with me any time during the 6 weeks, up to 1 hour, to discuss and troubleshoot any decluttering barriers
After the 6 weeks, you will be invited into a secret Facebook group of class participants should you want to continue the conversation and resource sharing

(Friends and Family take an additional 25% Discount at registration...that is $33.75)

How to register:
Email with your preferred email address to receive weekly communications beginning the first week of April. Once your spot is confirmed, you will receive an email regarding payment steps.

In order to preserve the personal attention afforded, there will be a cap at 20 participants. (At this time of posting I have spots for 10 more)

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